Not-So-Annoying Ways to Announce Your Engagement

A few weeks ago, I posted a blog post from Witty and Pretty titled, “The 5 Most Annoying Facebook Posts About Being Engaged.” The post made a few of my over 700 Facebook “friends” laugh-out-loud, comment and — I later found out — pissed off others because they did all of those five things when they announced their engagements.

My intentions when I posted the blog were not malicious. I thought and still think, they are hilarious. ReTweets and written memes can really cause problems, sheesh!

When I got engaged, at the time, my now husband wasn’t on Facebook so their wasn’t a huge urge to post a “I’m marrying my best friend” captioned picture of the two of us or the “He proposed and I said ‘yes!'” status update.

Quite frankly, I didn’t feel that the other 700 Facebook “friends” which include colleagues, all levels of school “friends,” relatives, close friends, acquaintances and work sources, should hear that I’m getting married through a Facebook post.

Our generation or the Millennials, have taken what was once private/intimate moments and made them public with the click of a few buttons on our Smartphones, desk-and-lap tops. I still want to keep certain things for me and my loved ones.

Could you imagine finding out that your sibling got engaged through a Facebook post? That’s a hard slap in the face with a book.

Facebook did not learn that I was getting married until six months afterwards, yes, six months. Yes, I received the hundreds of likes and “congrats or congratulations” comments, but I also received the public backlash of announcing it too late. SMH! All the cosigning from those “friends” didn’t make me or him feel anymore excited about getting married. Although, Facebook’s wedding advertisers did starting popping up on the right side of my homepage, which became helpful after a while.

Photo Courtesy of Dennis Clark

Photo Courtesy of Dennis Clark

Here are the small, yet, huge ways we announced our engagement:

  1. Sent a photo of him placing the engagement ring on to only my close friends. No caption needed. The phone calls poured in at their leisure. We got engaged on July 4, 2012 and throughout the day we were able to take phone calls, talk, laugh and prematurely talk wedding plans with our close friends and some family members, who we consider our close friends as well, on their time schedule.
  2. Called our older and out-of-town/country relatives to let them know personally because texting is not an option for them.
  3. My husband told his Twitter-verse which didn’t consist of 700 “friends” and those people appreciated the announcement from him since he didn’t have their working phone numbers. I even got mentioned on a few comments.

Yes, that was all. Those were our moments of shouting it from the mountain tops.


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